Mental Illness Awareness Week

MIAW: Make It About Words!!


I pledge that as part of Mental Illness Awareness Week 2018, I will use and role model sensitive and respectful language to help to reduce stigma and increase awareness about mental illness, substance misuse, trauma and suicide. Being mindful of the words we use can promote hope as well as dignity and respect and can encourage people affected by these conditions to seek help and feel supported in their recovery process.

The following are examples of the kinds of language I will use, and the language I will avoid:

Statements and Terms to Avoid:

  • What’s wrong with you?
  • Addict, junkie
  • Person is schizophrenic/bipolar; crazy
  • The mentally Ill
  • Failed suicide attempt
  • Successful, committed, completed suicide

Statements and Terms to Promote:

  • What happened to you?
  • Person with a substance use disorder
  • Person has a (any) mental health condition
  • Persons with mental health conditions
  • Survived a suicide attempt
  • Died by suicide, took one’s own life
This pledge is not about dictating language, but about promoting awareness and sensitivity.

I acknowledge that, by submitting my name on this pledge, I give permission to NAMI NH to post my first name and town to the NAMI NH website listing everyone who has joined the pledge.

First NameCity
qkerkkaooae New York
Krystal Manchester
Mary Raymond
Amy Jo Amherst
Cathie Nashua
Diane Concord
Bridget Portsmouth
Ann Derry
Robin Hanover
Jennifer Bartlett
Kim Derry
Elizabeth Manchester
Betty Concord
Pam Derry
Joelle Milford
Hallie Plymouth
Amber plymouth
Erica Clinton
Amanda Manchester
Joy Pelham
Linda Somersworth
Brian Merrimack
Caroline Brookline
Catalina Madison
Angela Lebanon
en English