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Has Medicaid Expansion Impacted You or Your Family?
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The first hearing on SB 313 for reauthorization of Medicaid Expansion was held on Tuesday, February 20th before the combined NH Senate Finance and Health & Human Services Committees. Thank you to all who testified or submitted written testimony!

There will be another opportunity to testify when SB 313 moves over to the New Hampshire House, and we need your story of how Medicaid Expansion has impacted you or your family – please contact us today if you’re able to help!

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Recent Testimony

February 20, 2018

February 13, 2018

January 24, 2018

January 23, 2018

January 17, 2018

January 16, 2018

General Talking points when contacting Legislators; House or Senate

Use your own words, but share your passion, it is critical that the Representatives hear about Mental Health

  • Mental Health is important to me, my family and our state and I am asking you to represent me and support increased funding
  • Myself/my family has been affected by mental illness, I support funding for improved services

Specific Talking points

  • Support the re-authorization of the NH Health Protection Program; also known as Medicaid Expansion; particularly the opportunity it offers for Substance misuse treatment and mental health treatment. Over 38,000 NH citizens are now insured and receive mental health services.
  • The NH Health Protection Program:
  • Provides insurance to NH’s working poor who cannot afford it.
  • Covers mental health and substance misuse disorders.
  • Saves money by lowering uncompensated hospital care.
  • Be prepared to wait to testify and leave your printed testimony if time runs out.
  • Fund the implementation of the “10 Year Plan” The plan created in 2008 to restore mental health services in NH.
  • Fund the Children’s Behavioral Health Plan as the “10 Year Plan” does not include children and this plan will finally address the needs of NH’s children with serious emotional disorders
  • Fund the Mental Health Settlement Agreement.

Tips for Providing Testimony:

  • Arrive early to sign in to speak there will be a waiting list.
  • Your comments must be brief;  1-2 minutes maximum
  • If you prepare a testimony, bring printed copies to share with House members

Heading to the Hearing?

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Addressing the Critical Mental Health Needs of NH Citizens – A ten year plan

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