Annual Awards


In January of each year, NAMI NH seeks nominees for our Annual Awards (see categories below). Individuals nominated are those who have made outstanding contributions to improving the lives of people affected by mental illness and emotional disorders. These awards are presented at the NAMI NH Annual Conference.

Award Criteria

Nominations may be for an individual, group or organization that goes above and beyond for those affected by mental illness. These awards honor exemplary people – those that take more risk, work harder, are more caring and thoughtful, and give more of themselves for families and those with mental illness. Professional nominees must be a current practitioner in the field for which s/he is being nominated. You may nominate more than one person, and you may nominate someone who was nominated previously but not selected. Past winners may be nominated again five years after their award (a link to previous winners is at the bottom of this page). Contact information for both you and the nominee MUST be included. The number of nominations an individual receives will not affect the voting process or outcome; nomination “campaigns” are discouraged.  Nominees will be voted upon based on the written nomination only.

Award Determination

The Annual Awards Committee determines the recipients of these awards. Award recipients are determined SOLELY on the content of the written nominations, which must be limited to 250 words (approximately one paragraph).

Thank you for helping us to recognize and celebrate wonderful people!

Award Categories

Not sure which category to choose? Just select your best guess; our volunteer Annual Awards Committee will decide which category is best suited once they have read over all of the nominations.

  1. Mental health professional - Examples include therapists, psychiatrists, administrators and case managers.
  2. Law enforcement and criminal justice - Examples include police officers, sheriffs, probation officers, judges and attorneys.
  3. NAMI NH volunteer of the year - We have so many wonderful volunteers doing everything from helping with our annual walk, organizing training materials, teaching Family-to-Family classes and running support groups.
  4. Peer recovery - This category is for those willing to share their experiences with mental illness with others traveling a similar path, providing much needed information, empathy and hope for recovery.
  5. Youth or youth professional - This category is intended for the nomination of a youth him- or herself, or for a professional who works with youth, such as an educator, guidance counselor, school administrator or child services advocate.
  6. Legislator - We have 424 NH legislators and 4 US legislators. Who has helped you advocate for issues related to mental health?
  7. Media - Examples include individuals or organizations working in all forms of media—television, print, radio or the Internet, including blogs.
  8. Substance use disorder and mental illness - Substance use disorder and mental illness are often co-occurring—yet finding help and understanding for the ways they intertwine can be particularly challenging, making it all the more important to acknowledge and celebrate people and organizations who are able to address both conditions together.
  9. Unsung hero - Who is flying under the radar, not yet receiving recognition for his or her significant contributions? Maybe you have a neighbor who has helped to create a supportive environment for a family struggling with mental illness. What about your child’s guidance counselor, a local support group leader or your primary care doctor? A professor, religious leader or mentor? A business owner or town leader? Think out of the box and let us know who is doing exceptional work that you would like to shine light upon.

Previous Award Recipients