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Mental illness is a chronic disease that affects over 254,000 adults and 55,000 children in NH each year.

In the US, the annual economic, indirect cost of mental illnesses is estimated to be $79 Billion. Most of that amount – approximately $63 Billion – reflects the loss of productivity.

  • A study conducted on the effects of depression in the workplace found that depression caused a loss of $44 Billion each year.
  • More than 90% of people who die by suicide have a diagnosable mental disorder.
  • Mental Illness treatment has a better recovery rate than treating heart disease.

NAMI NH provides support, education and advocacy to individuals and families affected by mental illness. Each year we provided hope and help to over 11,000 NH residents.

My top 10 reasons for walking (in no particular order) from Ken Norton, NAMI NH Executive Director

10. I walk to celebrate the Affordable Care Act and the New Hampshire Health Protection Program and how they are increasing access to mental health care by reducing insurance practices which discriminate against mental illness and how they are improving mental health treatment by promoting integration between physical health, mental health and substance use disorders

9. I walk because during the last biennium, Governor Hassan with bipartisan legislative support, has taken major steps to restore and improve community based mental health services in NH by providing increased funding, expanded health care, and support for a settlement agreement of the mental health lawsuit.  I am optimistic that the Governor and Legislature will soon agree to a budget that makes similar progress for the next two years

8. I walk in gratitude for and admiration to the dedicated mental health professionals who have focused their careers on working with people with serious emotional disorders, mental illness, and addiction and for all the law enforcement, corrections officers, teachers, health care providers and other providers who treat our loved ones with dignity and respect.

7. I walk in solidarity with other families in NH and around the country who, like my own, have experienced the pain of watching a loved one suffer from mental illness and especially for those whose mental illness is compounded by substance use, homelessness, incarceration or serious medical conditions.

6. I walk to support the research being done on the brain and to let people know we can fight mental illness with more funding for research.

5. I walk to raise money to support the important programs which NAMI NH offers to improve the lives of all those impacted by mental illness.

4. I walk because I am sad that like other medical illnesses mental illness can kill and I walk to remember those who have died before their time.

3. I walk to honor Veterans and members of our armed services who have suffered psychological distress as a result of their service to our country.

2. I walk to honor the courage of people with mental illness in battling a difficult illness and the courage of their families who love, support and advocate for them.

1. I walk to promote a message of hope that treatment works and recovery from mental illness and substance use disorders is possible.

I know you all have your own reasons for walking, please share them with family, friends, colleagues and ask them to support you in the Walk

5K + shorter route available

Post-Walk – enjoy music, a BBQ lunch with hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, and entertainment.

* NAMIWalks NH is family-friendly + dog-friendly.  Walk route is approximately 5K, with a shorter option also available. *

Thank you for supporting NAMIWalks NH for the first 15 years; we can’t wait to welcome you to the 16th Annual NAMIWalks NH on Sunday, September 30th!

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