Life Interrupted Community Presentations

Families deal daily with the stigma and misconceptions that surround their loved one’s illness. Stigma makes families feel shame and guilt. It may prevent ill family members from having the opportunity to work, live independently and create well balanced lives for themselves. This program enables families to use their experiences to change the attitudes and open the minds of all members of their community, and to spread the message that everyone has the ability to help promote recovery, resiliency and wellness for those diagnosed with a mental illness.Life Interrupted was developed to provide families a way to educate their communities about mental illness recovery. Presentations are made by trained family members who have a loved one affected by mental illness. These families speak about their own recovery; how they learned about, coped with, and promoted their own health, the health of their family, and that of their loved one with mental illness.

The Goals of the Family Perspective Presentation

  • To help audiences understand the family perspective on mental illness.
  • To reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and to demonstrate that family recovery is possible.
  • To encourage hope for families that are affected by mental illness.
  • To educate communities about NAMI NH, its philosophy, services and the benefits it provides to families.
  • To promote resiliency and recovery.

Life Interrupted presentations are free and available to any group or organization in NH that is interested in learning more about mental illness and the support and education that NAMI NH provides. Hospitals and health care centers have found this a valuable learning experience for their staff.

To schedule a free presentation in New Hampshire, please contact Sue Allen-Samuel at 603.225.5359 ext. 328 or complete the form below.

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