Recovery From Mental Illness

Mental illnesses are treatable disorders of the brain. Left untreated, they are among the most disabling and destructive illnesses. Recovery is possible with proper treatment and sometimes medication. Successful recovery involves learning about your illness and the treatments available, empowering yourself through the support of peers and family members and taking action to manage your own illness. The links below provide valuable information on recovery from mental illness.

Community Mental Health Centers in NH ~ provide an array of services and supports and 24/7 emergency services

Family Support Groups ~ for family members and friends of individuals with mental illness

NAMI Connection ~ a recovery support group for those who are experiencing mental illness conditions

Hearts & Minds ~ a NAMI online, interactive, educational initiative to promote the idea of wellness in both the mind and body

In Our Own Voice ~ speaker program for consumers who are in recovery

Medications & Treatment ~ information and resources on medications and treatment

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