In Our Own Voice Speaker Program

Are you interested in sharing your story of recovery from mental illness?

Please inquire about the next In Our Own Voice training to be announced by contacting Michelle Wagner.

NAMI NH is interested in consumers who are doing well in their recovery that want to share their success and their experience, if any, with stigma. Through an application process, we select consumers who themselves have struggled with mental illness to be trained to present their story to groups and organizations through our In Our Own Voice program. Public speaking is a challenge for some, this training will allow you to explore if it’s right for you.

The In Our Own Voice program and its impact on participant’s lives… in their own voice.

The free 16 hour training is presented over 2 days. During training, presenters learn to organize the details of their stories, prepare for audience participation and inquiries, and tailor presentations to a variety of groups. For an application or training information, contact Michelle Wagner.

In Our Own Voice presenters gain confidence and self-esteem while serving as role models for the community. These presentations lead to a better understanding of what it is like to live with a mental illness and help reduce stigma. In fact, 85% of those who attend an In Our Own Voice presentation leave with a more positive attitude about mental illness and recovery.

“By telling my story I can help others: that’s huge. Before I was always the one being helped.”

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