Life Interrupted Speaker Program

Life Interrupted is a recovery education presentation given by trained presenters who have had their own life “interrupted” due to the mental illness of a family member. By speaking about their own experiences, the presenters are able to address mental illness stigma and educate communities about mental illness recovery, how mental illness impacts family members and the resources that are available to family members.

NAMI NH offers Life Interrupted Family Speaker Training to family members who are interested in presenting their story to groups and organizations in their communities or around the state. The training consists of two 6 hour sessions and includes a manual. Participants learn:

  • the critical components of a successful presentation
  • how to develop their personal story using a structured format
  • how to feel confident in presenting their story
  • how to adjust the presentation for various audiences
  • how to implement and evaluate this program

“For years I managed my son’s mental illness, ashamed, alone and in isolation. I now tell my story so that other people who have a loved one with mental illness will learn they are not alone and that there is support for their family. I share my story to help educate people and to give them hope.” ~ Carrie

For more information, contact Sue Allen-Samuel 603.225.5359.

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