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NAMI NH is launching a new way for families to get connected in place of the online support groups that we once offered.  It is a new way to share experiences and resources as well as offer encouragement and support to other families.  We are introducing two new Facebook groups and invite you to join the one appropriate for your needs!! Our guidelines and principles will still apply!

If you are an adult that has an adult loved one with mental illness, please check us out at: 
Family and Friends of Adult Loved Ones with Mental Illness

If you are an adult that has a loved one with early psychosis, please check us out at:
Family and Friends of Loved Ones Experiencing Early Psychosis

If you are a parent or primary caregiver of a child, adolescent or young adult with a serious emotional disorder, please join us at:
Caregivers of Children & Adolescents with Social/Emotional Challenges

Connect with families like yours in our exclusive facebook support group for veterans and military families.

In addition to the adult groups, we also have the Life Under Construction facebook page for young adults to learn, share, and support each other.

Please read below so you understand what it means to be a member of a Closed Facebook Group!

These are both closed pages which means the group may show up as one that you belong to on your own Facebook page but nothing that you post is shared (the only people that can see or read what you post are also members of this group. However, if you have a friend, colleague or family member that is also a member of this group, they will be able to read what you post or any conversations that you participate in.) Non-members cannot see or read any of our exchanges.  In other words, whatever you share is private and only seen by other members of that particular Facebook Page!!  Please join us and feel free to share this information with other families!!

NAMI SUPPORT GROUP PRINCIPLES AND GUIDELINES PRINCIPLES OF SUPPORT represent what we are striving for, our touchstones and aspirations as we struggle to come to terms with serious mental illness. This is our belief system regarding universal, necessary truths which guide and strengthen us when life deals us this particular challenge.

  • We will see the individual first, not the illness.
  • We recognize mental illnesses are brain disorders.
  • We aim for better coping skills.
  • We find strength in sharing experiences.
  • We reject stigma in ourselves and others.
  • We won’t judge anyone’s pain as less than our own.
  • We forgive ourselves and reject guilt.
  • We embrace humor as healthy.
  • We accept we cannot resolve all problems.
  • We expect a better future in a realistic way.
  • We will never give up hope!

The GROUP GUIDELINES tell us how we are going to care for each other in the group. These “rules of association” provide the mutual consideration, forbearance and protection that are often hard to find in the real world. We will follow these guidelines at each meeting to create the sanctuary and safety we need.

  • Start and stop on time.
  • Time limit for opening stories. (If each of us told our entire story at every meeting, nothing would ever get done.)
  • Absolute confidentiality. (A pledge: what we say here, stays here.)
  • Be respectful. (Give me grace and space to get through this trouble.)
  • Let’s keep it in the ‘here and now’. (We’re more effective when we focus on what’s happening right now.)
  • Empathize with each other’s situation. (Even if you don’t understand, know that I am doing my very best.)
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