Vote Mental Health

Ask your candidates where they stand on mental health. For a list of suggested questions for New Hampshire candidates, please view this flyer. Feel free to print the flyer and distribute it.

Read the full results of the September 13, 2016 state primary elections here.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 – General Election

The following offices are up for election:

  • US Senate (one seat; 6-year term)
  • US Representative (for both districts; 2-year term)
  • Governor (2-year term)
  • NH Executive Council (for all five districts; 2-year term)
  • NH State Senators (all 24 seats; 2-year term)
  • NH State Representatives (all 400 seats; 2-year term)

The names of all candidates can be found on the NH Secretary of State’s website here — there are separate links for Republican and Democratic candidates.

Who are my state legislators?

Learn who your NH State Senator or NH State Representative is here. Please note that although the heading on this link is for the NH House of Representatives, the results will be for both NH State Representative and NH State Senator. You can search by city/town or by district.

Who are my federal legislators?

Learn who your US Senators or US Representatives are here.

What district do I live in?

Click on the link to learn your district for US CongressNH Executive CouncilNH State Senate, and NH State Representative. Note that the NH State Representative districts in ClaremontConcordDoverKeeneLaconiaLebanonManchesterNashuaPortsmouthRochester and Somersworth are also divided into wards; click the links to determine your ward.

You have a voice! Share it in any number of ways

  • Attend a meet-and-greet event and ask a question or share a story
  • Call
  • Write
  • Email
  • Tweet
  • Post to Facebook

For a calendar of upcoming candidate forums and debates in NH, visit here.

What are the candidates’ positions on mental health care?

Curious what the 2016 Republican and Democratic Party platforms say about mental health? We’ve done the work for you. Click here to see where each party stands on treatment, funding, addiction and other issues related to mental health.

Resources for non-partisan information about candidates:

Helpful information:

Can People With Mental Health Disabilities Vote?

Yes, people with disabilities can vote! Some states do restrict voting for people who have been legally declared by a court to be ‘incompetent’ or ‘incapacitated’, but New Hampshire is not one of them.

The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law’s Guide to the Voting Rights of People With Disabilities is available here.

Bazelon and the National Disability Rights Network have also compiled a list of State Laws Affecting the Voting Rights of People With Mental Disabilities.

Who can you reach out to to encourage him or her to vote? Can you offer a ride? Information? Support and encouragement?

This flyer by the New Hampshire Secretary of State explains that people with a disability (or who cannot read) can be helped by a person of his or her choosing, or by a ballot clerk.

We all have a right to vote. Now is the time to use it!

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