A voice on mental illness, NAMI NH advocates for improved access to services and social supports, early intervention and science-based practices that promote recovery, and build skills and resilience.

Our advocates are trained to be effective at communicating and working collaboratively with others to promote change in available programs, government policies and public perceptions of mental illness.

Our outreach extends to local, state and national leaders and service providers, bringing both concerns and solutions to them, and helping them to understand the need for community-based systems of care that include families in treatment, planning, delivery and evaluation of services.

Fighting the Stigma of Mental Illness

We fight stigma and discrimination by educating our leaders, the media and the public. By dispelling myths, stereotypes and prejudice, we also build awareness that mental illness is an illness like any other.

Reasons NAMI NH is needed now more than ever:

  • Treatment works and recovery is possible – and NAMI NH can herald that message as no other group can.
  • People with Serious Mental Illness (SMI), die on average, 25 years earlier than persons without SMI.
  • Knowledge is power and NAMI NH helps educate and train thousands of families, consumers, and community leaders each year.
  • Research has shown what NAMI NH has always known, support of families, by families experienced in dealing with mental illness is critical to the path of recovery for consumers.
  • State budget deficits can wipe away the community based mental health services that make a difference to persons with mental illness. NAMI NH advocates for high quality health and mental health care for all NH citizens.
  • Too many people with mental illness are still forced to live on the streets or in totally inadequate housing. NAMI NH fights for adequate housing.
  • People with mental illness are still treated like criminals, too often only finding their way into “the system” through jails and prisons. NAMI NH supports jail diversion programs and provides law enforcement education training.
  • People who live with mental illness are still excluded from meaningful employment, never given the opportunity to demonstrate the contribution they can make. NAMI NH supports evidence based practices like supported employment.
  • Stigma keeps thousands of people from seeking treatment or even acknowledging their illness. NAMI NH fights stigma through it’s education programs such as In Our Own Voice and Life Interrupted.
  • Early intervention and prevention services save lives, improve family life and strengthen communities. NAMI NH advocates for these services.

If you agree that there is much more left to be done, then won’t you please stand with us? We simply cannot do it without you!

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