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Recognize the Warning Signs for Suicide to Save Lives!

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell warning signs from “normal” behavior, especially in adolescents. Ask yourself, Is the behavior I am seeing very different for this particular person? Also, recognize that sometimes those who are depressed can appear angry, irritable, and/or hostile in addition to withdrawn and quiet.

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This webinar will cover the range of Risk and Protective Factors, the Warning Signs, and what to do if someone may be at risk for suicide (whether it is a family, friend or acquaintance). The webinar will review actions to take when there is immediate concern and resources in the community that can help create a safety net for people at risk of suicide. This webinar is not a substitute for a professional assessment.

If you are concerned about someone or if you are having thoughts of suicide, contact your local community mental health center or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 1-800-273-TALK (8255). If you feel there is imminent risk, call 911.

Suicide Prevention Training

NAMI NH has received national and international acclaim for its Connect Suicide Prevention Program. Connect is designated as a National Best Practice training program in suicide prevention, intervention and response to a suicide death. By working with and training key service providers and community members, Connect promotes a community based approach to early recognition of mental illness and improved access to care. When people are educated about the risks and warning signs of suicide and ways to prevent it, lives can be saved!

The Connect Program offers comprehensive training and consultation in suicide prevention and postvention for a wide range of audiences and communities around the globe. We invite you to visit our Connect Suicide Prevention website. Here you can learn about the programs that NAMI NH has put in place to help prevent suicide and support individuals, families and communities impacted by suicide.If you or someone you know is at risk for suicide, or has lost someone to suicide, the Get Help section will provide you with resources.