eating disorders resources

When you become so preoccupied with food and weight issues that you find it harder and harder to focus on other aspects of your life, it may be an early sign of an eating disorder. Without treatment, eating disorders can take over a person’s life and lead to serious, potentially fatal medical complications. Eating disorders can affect people of any age or gender, but rates are higher among women. Symptoms commonly appear in adolescence and young adulthood. 

Nationally, eating disorders are among the highest case fatality rates of any mental illnesses.

However, there is help – and there is hope.  Below are resources and educational materials to support those impacted by eating disorders.

New Hampshire/New England Resources

National Resources

Education and Prevention Resources

    • NEDA
        • Eating Disorders Screening Tool
        • The Body Project is “a group-based intervention that provides a forum for high school girls and college-aged women to confront unrealistic appearance ideals and develop healthy body image and self-esteem.”
    • Your Recovery Resource is a program aimed at educating and supporting the loved ones of an individual living with an eating disorder.