substance use disorders

Substance use disorders — the repeated misuse of alcohol and/or drugs — often occur simultaneously in individuals with mental illness, usually to cope with overwhelming symptoms. The combination of these two illnesses has its own term: dual diagnosis, or co-occurring disorders. Either disorder (substance use or mental illness) can develop first.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 17 million U.S. adults experienced both mental illness and a substance use disorder in 2020.

New Hampshire Resources:

National Resources:

Educational Resources:

Prevention Resources:

    • Community Action for Safe Teens provides resources and programs to support families and prevent substance misuse in the Souhegan Valley. 
      • CAST’s Children’s Resiliency Retreat is a monthly program that “includes educational and therapeutic knowledge, tools, and coping skills designed to help kids break the cycle of substance use disorders.”
    • New Hampshire Teen Institute offers programming aimed at prevention and empowering youth to be leaders in their communities.
    • Partnership to End Addiction empowers families to work together to prevent substance misuse and manage addiction recovery.