National Voter Registration Day

NAMI New Hampshire
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Tuesday, September 19th, is National Voter Registration Day!

National Voter Registration Day is a bipartisan holiday dedicated to getting every eligible American citizen ready and registered to vote in their local, state, and national elections. No one should lose the ability to make their voice heard because of something so simple as not knowing how to register— and yet, every year, millions of Americans who want to vote are unable to.

For our governments to reflect the views of their communities, everyone must take part. This is especially true in local elections, where the loss of an individual’s voice is even further magnified. Take action: to support mental health in the Granite State, we need all hands on deck. Make sure your voice is heard at the polls!

If you’ve recently turned 18, moved, or changed your name since the last election, make sure to update your registration.

Not sure if you’re registered? Check using NVRD’s online tool.

NH residents may register to vote at their town or city clerk’s office before registration deadlines, or at the polls on Election Day. Any New Hampshire inhabitant over the age of 18 is allowed to register, including individuals living in New Hampshire for college. There is no minimum period you are required to reside in the state before you can qualify. For more detailed information on how to register, visit this guide from the Secretary of State.