New Resources to Support Youth and Young Adults

NAMI New Hampshire
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NAMI National’s Youth and Young Adult team has released three new resources for parents, caregivers and those involved in the child welfare system.

NAMI National’s School Break Resources gives helpful suggestions on how to keep structure at home when students have breaks from the classroom. The resources include fun activities and suggestions for traveling.

NAMI National’s Trusted Adult Resource helps to prepare adults for when a young person approaches them for guidance and support. It is also available in Spanish.

Lastly, NAMI National’s first-ever Child Welfare Resources were created to:

  • Support youth in creating and maintaining healthy relationships.
  • Guide families on traumatic experiences in the child welfare system and how to support children in their care.
  • Assist child welfare support staff in recognizing the behaviors that may come with traumatic experiences as well as suggestions for how to build a trauma-informed environment.