Partnering for Suicide Prevention – The Garrett Lee Smith (GLS) Grant in New Hampshire

NAMI New Hampshire
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Through the Garrett Lee Smith Grant (GLS), our team works tirelessly to prevent suicide deaths and improve education in the Capital Region, North Country, and Carroll County. The GLS team features a wide network of partners, including NAMI NH staff, individuals, schools, Community Mental Health Centers, community stakeholders, and more – working together to enhance suicide risk recognition, response, and prevention at all levels.

Working through the Community Mental Health Centers, our GLS Care Liaisons connect with high-risk youth and young adults in their region to establish and process a suicide prevention care plan, coordinating their pathways of care and working towards recovery. In addition, GLS implementation teams organize a wide variety of trainings in their Regional Public Health Networks, such as the Connect Prevention and Postvention programs, educating individuals on how they can recognize and address suicide risk within their communities.  More than 1,400 individuals were trained between January 2020 and March 2023. Through programs such as Connect Youth Leader, Connect Young Adult,  and Connect Train the Trainer, communities can grow their network of suicide prevention advocates and educators. Programs such as In Our Own Voice and SurvivorVoices empower those with lived experience to share their stories safely and effectively in support of their community members. Our GLS partners at NHTI and White Mountains Community College support suicide prevention for young adults through hosting these trainings, in addition to assisting with advocacy efforts and incorporating suicide prevention activities across campus.

Suicide prevention is for everyone.  For some, addressing suicide means a rigorous care plan and close collaboration with a network of professionals.  But for others, suicide prevention can be as simple as gathering around a bonfire on campus alongside fellow classmates, making time to prioritize your mental health, and recognizing your personal roles in supporting those around you.

Preventing suicide in our communities takes all of us.  If you, or someone you know, would like to get involved at any level, contact Suicide Prevention Coordinator Susan Ward (

Should you or someone you know need mental health crisis care in New Hampshire, please call or text the NH Rapid Response Access Point at 1-833-710-6477 or visit If you need assistance outside NH, please call or text 988. Both are available 24/7.