Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Program Orientation

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Program Orientation


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


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We invite the NAMI NH community to come learn about the CIT Program during this two hour virtual orientation.
CIT is a 40 hour program that engages first responders in better understanding how to recognize and respond to someone experiencing a mental health or SUD crisis. This includes the family’s perspective. It also includes recognizing
their own mental health needs as well as colleagues, friends, and family members. CIT participants gain a better understanding of mental health diagnoses, community and state resources, communication skills and verbal de-escalation skills. Those trained in the CIT program can call upon these skills and resources to
create a safer environment for all.

Helpful for any NAMI NH VolunteerInterested in:
Participating in CIT role-play and/or moderation for CIT Gaining deeper knowledge of CIT so they can inform families about the program.